#GrandOpening The magical moment in an entrepreneurs journey when dream and reality touch... imagine a cross between walking on the moon and your first time at Disney World... it feels that magical. October 5, 2016 at 11:00am Tickled Sweet was opened for business. It was an unexpected sequence of events that lead to this amazing opportunity, but we are grateful. Since then, we've been working hard, turning the store into the vision we imagined. Everything has been coming together and we are proud of the results. This has been an enjoyable process that gets more fun everyday. We are thankful for all the support we have gotten and all of our customers. This couldn't have been done without you.


The staff and I have had an utter blast these past few days with the Frontier Festival parade, bands and crowds. We have had our first entry in our first parade, had people "hooting and hollering" with us until after midnight every night, and we have danced and sang along in the parking lot with hundreds of our "new friends." It is sad to see this party wind down.... Festivities ended on Sunday.... but we are already plotting and planning more fun for Frontier Days 2018!

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