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hula frog award 2017
Tickled Sweet Milford Economic Development Award 2017

Bambi Merz, owner of Tickled Sweet, continues her journey in an industry she hasn't always been apart of, Candy. Although never involved, her passion for candy and the creative process lead her to where she is today. 

A decade ago, in her entrepreneurial endeavors, visited one of the largest candy and snack expos in the world. It was in that moment, she truly felt like a kid in a candy store. She was mesmerized by the atmosphere, and the parlay of "samples" kept her coming back, year after year. 

5 years later, Bambi met Randy Auel of Auel's Fine Chocolates. Her love of candy quickly blossomed into a real desire to discover the secrets behind the delicious treats. Soon she began casually helping around the store when they were busy. That Christmas season, the only thing on Bambi's list were the tools and gadgets she needed to start crafting her own confections.

Bambi's dream of becoming a true chocolatier was on the cusp of reality. The path she was on would eventually lead her to becoming the owner of Auel's Fine Chocolates. Randy has spent the past few months sharing and teaching the family recipes that were handed down through generations. Today, Bambi wants to share her passion and delicious sweets with everyone. Yes, that kid in a candy store feeling is alive and well and Bambi is Tickled Sweet to be a part of it. 

decadent chocolate caramels
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